Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Customer Doesn't Always Have a Clue

    Nowhere do I see self-centered brats with a delusional sense of entitlement more than in retail. And I'm not talking about their children either. It's more than a little bothersome that so many people prefer, more than anything else, to have someone else do shit for them. Not themselves, not a machine, they would rather make another human being, usually a stranger, do the work above any other option. But if they don't get the labor they desire out of someone, boy, they get angry!
    I don't know why you would ever get pissy toward someone working the bottom rung in retail, or most jobs really.  It's not justified when they didn't do the job you wanted, not when they told you the rules and you didn't like them, and not when the store is out of something. The only time it's OK is when the employee legitimately screwed up the job they are paid to do. However, if they are doing their job correctly, and some aspect of that met with your disapproval, get the fuck over yourself. They are paid to do X, Y, and Z so you can really shove it if you want them to do Q. Every business has their own way the handle things, their own distinct distance to "the customer is always right" they're willing to go.
    Therefore, if you don't like how little an employee was able to bend over backward for you, go shop somewhere else, or find someone higher up to whine at because you couldn't get 11$ back for a hair straightener because you lost the receipt and all the packaging and "I don't wanna exchange it for another!!!" And don't even bother asking "why" when they tell you the policy, you thirty-something-acting-like-a-nine-year-old. Them policies are debated, and changed and put into practice time zones away from the store you're standing in. If you really do want to know why, pull out the cellphone and bitch at someone whose job it is to know and care. Not at an 19-year-old girl behind a counter who's just trying to make rent this month.

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