Sunday, December 18, 2011

Still Kickin' Myself

    I personally sling a lot of mud, however I definitely don't have all the answers out there. I suppose, therefore, it's fair for me to share some stuff that makes me angry about myself and not just the world around me. I get struck speechless very easily. It frustrates me to no end how difficult it can be for me to find the words for situations, especially when for something that really matters to me. I'd like to share an experience of which the memory still pisses me off, as this is, in fact, a blog about things that piss me off (as I warned in my intro).
    In May of this year I took a trip to Los Angeles, as I have plans to move there as soon as it's feasible to pursue comedy. My wife and I visited a comedy club to scout out an open mic show, and this was my first time ever inside a comedy club, period. We decided it was getting late, and we headed to the counter to pay for our drinks, I handed the waitress my card, and she walked away to do the transaction. I did two double takes over toward the wall, where two guys were talking, because I thought I recognized him. It turned out to be Bobby Lee (who I know from Mad TV and Harold and Kumar), and I know he saw me do a double take, so I said "Hey are you.... .... ..." and I could not remember his name! If he had pulled out a gun and aimed it at my wife and said he'd shoot her if I couldn't remember I would be a widower right now. And what's worse is he helped me, too. He ackowledged that he was someone famous who might be recognized, and even said "Bobby........Bobby Lee" while I stammered how I couldn't remember and how I felt like an asshole. Then we just stood there for five of the most awkward minutes of my life waiting for my card to come back.
    Bobby wasn't even mean about it. He certainly couldv'e actively made me feel worse. I still stew about it from time to time though, wishing I could have remembered any part of his name. And it worries me going into stand-up comedy, I can't be at a loss for words ever onstage. I'm sure it'll happen though, at least once I won't be able to find my wording in front of an audience, it's destined. Just gonna keep on keepin' on and jump off that bridge when I come to it!

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