Thursday, December 15, 2011

Walk, Maybe You'll Get Better

     Normally, I'd take this first paragraph to warm you up to the object of my outrage, but this time, I'm not beating around the bush. People who choose to be handicapped need to have their rascal battery die in traffic. You may be wondering what I mean by "choosing to be handicapped" and I'm referring to those selfish heaps of human baggage milking social security on some trumped up, exaggerated or imagined phantom pain, or who've eaten themselves to sufficient corpulence that they can't walk. I see these people daily in my retail job, and they nauseate me.
     I have so many gripes with these wastes of resources and space, I don't even know where to start. They are black holes for tax money, they have delusions of entitlement, they inconvenience the infirm who came by their malady from age or misfortune. I've heard the electric mart carts at stores referred to as "fatty caddies" in reference to the laziness of the slobs who've chosen to stop walking. It's obvious to me, working in a place that has mart carts, who has a right to use them, and who takes them out of raw sloth. When we run out of mart carts, even the oldest, decrepit old fossil will take the news in stride, and continue their shopping. The voluntary cripples, however, are quick to complain and display how unhappy they are they they have to shamble through the store leaning on a cart. Why the different reactions? Because old people, accident victims and the like don't want to need the help. They wish they had the ability to walk all over the store at their leisure. People who've made a specific choice to take every crutch they can are the only ones who really get pissed when there isn't something there to make their lives easier. It's revolting and wrong.
     It's obvious how the ungrateful, inconsiderate layabouts negatively affect the people immediately around them, but the implications are far-reaching. They more often than not find some excuse to not have a job, and seek out every conceivable  form of government support they can. To break it down, they contribute nothing to society, and drain public funds. Don't get me wrong, social security is a lifeline for many people, but the system also gets abused by whiny, narcissistic human slugs. They really believe that they deserve every scrap of assistance they can get their grubby mitts on, and we as a society don't do enough to tell them they are wrong. The next time you see a proposal for a new tax increase, send a fucking letter to someone you know who's unfairly misuse the system placing the blame on them for the government needing more money. Or better yet mail them a noose so they can hang themselves, although you'll have to go help them 'cuz they sure as shit won't do it or anything else for themselves.


  1. I understand and share your frustration here. However, how many of these people were: 1) raised in a dysfunctional family atmosphere that was inappropriate for instilling a sense of personal responsibility and/or 2) suffer from underlying mental issues? It would be nice to think that empowering Social Security to distinguish between individuals who are voluntarily and involuntarily incapacitated would "fix" the problem, but it wouldn't - the roots still exist and I don't think there are any clearcut solutions to these underlying problems.

    In as much as you might consider them failures many are also products of a system which has failed them. I'm not offering this as an excuse for them and I'm also not saying the system is "OK" but these are things that need to be considered.

  2. Many issues I see and write about, this one included, will only be solved by humanity moving one to an entirely new set of paradigms for how we go through life together. The more deeply I look into any issue, the more clear it becomes that history and society are to blame for where we are now as a group. I can see the blame for these kinds of people falling on the way they were raised, and it becomes very abstract and conceptual. I guess my interest in writing this is in revealing to people who abuse social security/disability how they are perceived by others (chiefly me as this is my blog).