Thursday, December 1, 2011

And Your Blinker Is Still On

     I know it's trivial, but it's an issue that wears on me nigh every day, certainly every day I drive. I try not to rage too much on the road, but inconsiderate, blissfully unaware drivers grind toturously at the corners of my thoughts. One major element of driving in particular that so many people seem to struggle with, is merging and switching lanes. Something happens when people, especially in any kind of traffic, need to change lanes. Common sense breaks down, and one person often inconvenience several people, sometimes dozens in a chain reaction, because they act without any simple foresight for how their actions will affect those around them.
     The place I see problems arise is when someone needs to get over at the last minute, and they jump on the brakes. If you fucked up, and that same familiar exit you get off at every single bloody day came up quicker than you were expecting, you should do those around you the favor of moving ass out of the way as quickly as possible. I may not think highly of the moron who runs screaming across four lanes to the exit at the last minute, but at least he didn't fuck with my shit and make me brake. When people slow down, because their dumb ass didn't think two little stinking minutes ahead and get over before they're about to miss their exit, we all suffer!! I KNOW, I know, it really shouldn't matter that much, and I usually just let the scummy jerk over, but it's your spacey mentality that starts traffic jams, it undoubtedly is.
     The other cretins who drive more oblivious than Helen Keller at the Pink Floyd laser show, come up at on-ramps. It's the "oh what a lovely day for a drive in the motorcar" lollygagging, lackadaisical simpletons who merge onto the highway, but they AREN'T GOING HIGHWAY SPEEDS. They give you a whole ramp to get up to speed, and I will be god-damned if you are going to make me accomodate your ineptitude by having to brake. I know the big car sounds scary when you are accelerating up the ramp, but you're on a timer. In a nutshell, open your eyes, and turn your head, your whole head, not just that quick mirror check, and see how many fucking people you are going to piss off when merging and lane-changing like bored sloth jacking off.

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